The Department of Information Technology was established on July 30, 2010 and is a structural unit of the University and a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The first head of the department was Dr. Pavlo Fedoruk. The basis of the department teaching staff was a group of specialists who worked at the department of informatics and specialized in the fields of databases, information-computing systems and software. At the time of creation at the department worked: PhD V. Tkachuk, PhD B. Drin, PhD F. Faturova, PhD L. Khrushch  and assistant L. Kostyshyn.

Other highly skilled workers were also involved in the educational process, including Dr. V. Stoyan, Dr. I. Lutak; PhD S. Melnichuk, PhD M. Kozlenko, PhD I. Lazarovic; Senior lecturer O. Kozych, Coaches A. Annych, V. Monastyrets’ka; Assistants M. Dutchak, M. Pikulyak.

Since September 2013 the head of the department was Dr. Petro Filevych.

Since June 2018, the head of the department has become PhD Mykola Kozlenko.

The teaching staff of the Department of Information Technology prepares specialists in the field of Software Engineering.

Teaching staff direct research work of students through the guidance of scientific clubs, course, diploma and master’s works. Students are being trained to participate in scientific national and international conferences olympiads, and competitions.

Сonsiderable attention is paid to the department’s relationship with software companies and information technology service providers, including [bvblogic], V.I.Tech, SoftServe, Eleks, UTeam, Yellow Leaf Software. Students have the possibility of practical training in these enterprises and prospects for future employment.

The department cooperates with the scientific and pedagogical staff of the profile department of other universities like Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Chernivtsi National University, University of Lodz (Poland), Karabuk University (Turkey) and others, joint research, production, educational-methodical and vocational-consulting work is carried out. Teachers and students are involved in research and production cooperation. Teachers are upgraded through internships at specialized departments.