Department of Information Technology established July 30, 2010 and is part of teaching and research unit of the University and is a member of the faculty of mathematics and computer science.

The first head of the chair was Doctor of Engineering, Professor Fedoruk Pavlo Ivanovich. The basis of the teaching staff of the department was the team that worked at the department of computer science and specialized in the field of databases, information and computer systems and computer software. At the time of worked at the Department: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate Tkachuk VM., Candidate of Sciences, associate professor Drin B.M., Candidate of psychological sciences, associate Faturova F.M.,PhD in Economics, professor Khrushch L.Z. and assistant Kostyshyn L.P.

Training is were involved in other highly skilled workers, including the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Stoyan V.A., Doctor of Engineering, Professor Lutak I.Z .; Candidates of Engineering, Associate Professors Melnichuk S.I., Kozlenko M.I., Lazarovic I.M.;Senior lecturer Kozych A.V., coaches Annych A.B., Monastyrets’ka V.V.; Assistants Dutchak M.S., Pikulyak M.V.

Since September 2013 the head of the department was Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Filevych Petro Vasylovych.

Teaching staff of Department of Information Technology provides training qualification level bachelor, specialist, master faculty of mathematics and informatics, foreign languages, physical education and sports, tourism institutions, philology, history, political science and international relations, University affiliates.

Lecturer in conjunction with graduate students from August 2010 in accordance with approved research topics conducted research work on the development of automatic transmission systems and knowledge control and computer modeling.

Since 2011, the department operates postgraduate specialty 05.13.06 – information technology.

Faculty administer research work of students through the guidance of scientific circles, distressed groups, course, diploma and master’s works. Prepares students to participate in student research, national and international conferences, contests and competitions.

Much attention is paid to relations department of companies, software developers and companies to provide services in information technology, including “BVBLogic”, VITech, “SoftServe”, LLC “Elex», USOFTek, LLC «UTeam». Students have the possibility of practical training in these enterprises and prospects for future employment.

The department cooperates with research and teaching focus employees of other schools, including State university “Kyiv National University Shevchenko” State university “Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University Nafty i Gazu” State university “Chernivetskiy national university named Y.Fedkovycha”et al., Carried out joint research, industrial, educational, methodical and professional orientation and consulting work. Attracted teachers and students to research and industrial cooperation. Active training of teachers through training in specialized departments.

The department is graduating for specialty 6.050103 – “Software Engineering”.The main specializations during their studies is to develop software computer systems, web-oriented systems, mobile devices and embedded systems. Graduates receive qualification – specialist in the development and testing of software. The main directions of graduate employment is a work in leading IT-companies in which they can work as system and application programmers, managers of software projects, analysts, architects and computer systems engineers with quality software, Web-programmers, testers of software professionals with expert analysis of data networks administrators, database administrators, IT professionals, researchers, and others.

To date, software engineering is one of the most promising areas of the labor market. Demand for highly skilled programmers is increasing and programmer profession is one of the most prestigious and highly paid. Education in “Software Engineering” – a smart investment in the future.