Design of Indoor Robot Prototype Guided by RFID Based Positioning and Navigation System Project

The Department of Information Technology of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and the Computer Engineering Department of the Karabuk University Engineering Faculty are successfully implementing the international project on robotics “Design of Indoor Robot Prototype Guided by RFID Based Positioning and Navigation System” (project ID: MEV-2018-1342, 2019-2020, MEVLANA Exchange Programme) powered by the Turkish Council of Higher Education.

The project is focused on development of autonomous mobile robots capable of operating indoors, as well as in the absence of GPS signals and other external navigation aids. The mathematical models, network analysis, algorithms and software for modeling, mapping, localization, navigation, and visualization were developed within the project. Also, algorithms, drivers and utilities for motion control and wireless communication were designed and implemented. A working prototype of a mobile robot was also built and tested.

Emrullah Demiral, PhD student of the Karabuk University studied at the Precarpathian National University for two and a half months, and Mykola Kozlenko, head of the Department of Information Technology, did a scientific internship at the Karabuk University within the scope of the project.

The added value of the project includes the gaining research experience in an international context,  increasing of intercultural competence of the both parties involved, increasing opportunities for professional and career development, greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity.